Training, Compliance & Auditing Services

We offer a training, compliance and auditing services to help businesses with their sponsorship obligations.


Training, Compliance & Auditing Services

Organization need to comply with their sponsorship obligations, to assist them with this Better Life Migration provides Training Compliance & Auditing Services.

What  Is  A Sponsorship Obligation

When a business is approved to nominate workers as a Standard Business Sponsor, Accredited Sponsor, or under a Labour Agreement they make a declaration to abide by certain sponsorship obligations. As an approved sponsor, your organisation will need to comply with sponsorship obligations, including:

  • continuing to pay the 482 visa holder the market rate and ensuring equivalent terms and conditions of employment
  • employing the 482 visa holder in the nominated occupation, program or activity
  • paying the return travel costs of any visa holders, when requested
  • not recovering certain costs from 482 visa holders
  • paying costs for removing 482 visa holders who are non-compliant.
  • cooperating with inspectors
  • providing training to Australians and permanent residents
  • not engaging in discriminatory recruitment practices
  • keeping certain records and providing certain information to DHA, when requested
  • notifying DHA when certain events occur

Monitoring of sponsors and visa holders

The Department of Home Affairs will monitor your organisations compliance with the sponsorship obligations. The Department can write to you and ask for information in accordance with your obligation to provide records and information. If you are found to have not complied with your obligations then you may be subject to a number of sanctions, which include:

  • Your business could be barred from sponsoring people for a specified time.
  • Your business could be barred from applying for sponsorship approval for any type of visa.
  • Your existing approvals as a sponsor could be canceled
  • Your business could be asked to provide a written undertaking that any failures will be rectified and will not occur again.
  • You could be issued with an infringement notice of up to AUD12,600 for a body corporate and AUD2,520 for an individual for each failure.
  • A civil penalty order of up to AUD63,000 for a corporation and AUD12,600 for an individual for each failure could be applied.
  • You could also have administrative action taken against you for other actions such as providing false and misleading information, not being able to satisfy the criteria for approval as a sponsor, for breaking the law, if the person you sponsor breaks the law in relation to licensing, registration or membership needed to work in the nominated position.

How Better Life Migration can help you?


We can provide your staff with training, so they are well aware of the sponsorship obligations. Our training encompasses the following areas;

  • Overview of the Australian Immigration system
  • Detailed analysis of relevant visa subclasses, migration legislation, and policy and sponsorship obligations
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Best practice policies and procedures
  • Ongoing compliance with sponsorship obligations
  • Preparation for DHA monitoring events and compliance audits


Better Life Migration can monitor the visa expiries, adherence to visa conditions, etc of your overseas workforce. We can provide you with VEVO checks, reports, etc. to ensure that you workforce is complying with any visa conditions.


Better Life Migration can audit your business to ensure you and all visa holders are meeting the sponsorship obligations and visa conditions. We also offer advice and strategies as to how to best keep records on your 457/482 visa population, with a view to putting in place best practice and safeguards, which will protect you against possible future breaches.

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