Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

The Temporary Activity Subclass 408 Visa is a short stay visa allowing people to undertake various short-term activities in Australia.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) (Subclass 186 visa)

Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

Temporary Activity Visa is a short stay visa allowing people to undertake various short-term activities in Australia. There are two stages in the application process – sponsorship (if the duration of stay is over three months) and the visa application. There are two stages in the application process – sponsorship (if the duration of stay is over three months) and the visa application.


Sponsorship by an approved Temporary Activities Sponsor is generally required unless the applicant is overseas and seeking to stay in Australia for 3 months or less. If sponsorship is not required, then in most cases the application must be supported by an organisation or Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Application Streams

To be eligible for a Temporary Activity Visa, you must fall within one of the following eligibility streams:

1. Invited Participants

This stream requires the applicant to be invited by an Australian or overseas organisation to participate in an event or series of events in Australia. The maximum length of stay for this option is 3 months.

2. Sports

This covers situations where the applicant is either:

  • Receiving training from a team operating at the national level; or
  • Working as an elite player, coach or adjudicator with an Australian team, and has the endorsement of the national peak body for the sport in Australia

3. Religious Worker

Where the applicant is to work full time with an Australian religious organisation

4. Domestic Worker

Where the applicant will work as a domestic worker for a person holding either a Temporary Work (International Relations) Subclass 403 or Temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457 visa.

5. Superyacht Crew

For members of superyacht crews.

6. Research

This covers the following two scenarios:

  • Observing or participating in a research project with an Australian tertiary or research institution
  • Students at overseas educational institutes involved in research in Australia closely related to their course

7. Exchange

Where there is an agreement between an Australian business and an overseas business for exchange of staff between the businesses.

8. School Exchange

This involves a school to school exchange or School Language Assistance Program activity.

9. Special Program

This is where a special program agreement is in effect for youth exchange, non-profit organisation or government agencies.

10. Australian Government Endorsed Events

This would generally require the event to be specified by legislative instrument (eg Commonwealth Games), and a particular class of people to be identified (eg coaches or competitors). Unlike the other streams, this option does not require sponsorship and results in a visa of up to 4 years duration.

11. Entertainment

This stream is for performers and support staff. Criteria differ depending on whether the performance is in relation to film or TV, is for non-profit purposes, or for productions purely for overseas markets.

What are the main requirements for the 408 visa?

The temporary activity visa has several eligibility visa pathways. All applicants must generally show that they:

  • Hold private health insurance
  • Have access to sufficient funds to support themselves in Australia
  • Genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia for the intended purpose
  • Meet health and character requirements

What are the costs associated with applying for the 408 visa?

Our fixed fee, service packages are designed to give clients choice in terms of fees and the level of service. However, they do not cover the visa application fees and other costs involved in submitting a visa application. Fees can increase without notice, so the actual fees can vary at the time of application. We have outlined the applicable fees that are likely to be incurred for the Temporary Activity Visa (408 Visa) in Australian Dollars.

Better Life Migration fees for the Temporary Activity Visa (408 Visa) (Visa Premium Service) – $2,599 + GST (if applicable)

Department of Home Affairs Temporary Activity Visa (408 Visa) application fees are:

  • Temporary Activity Visa (408 Visa) sponsorship application fee – $420 (sponsorship is required if the duration of your stay is over three months)
  • Temporary Activity Visa (408 Visa) visa application fee – Primary applicant – $285, Adult dependent – $285, Child Dependent – $75
  • Credit card surcharge (if applicable)

How long does the 408 visa application process take?

Once the 408 visa application is lodged it takes between 8 days – 6 months depending on the intending activity for the Department of Home Affairs to process the application. For current visa processing times please refer to the information on the Department of Home Affairs website for https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/global-visa-processing-times#

What are the benefits of the 408 visa?

This visa lets you stay in Australia and undertake the approved activities. The maximum stay periods allowed are:

  • Invited participant activity type – up to three months
  • Australian Government endorsed event activity type – up to four years
  • Any other activity type – up to two years
  • do the work or activity specified in your application
  • bring eligible family members with you to Australia
  • enter and leave Australia as many times as you want while your visa is valid.

How we can help you with the 408 visa?

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