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Subclass 186

Employer Nomination Scheme

The Subclass 186 is a permanent visa for applicants in certain occupations that are nominated by their employers.

Subclass 186

Employer Nomination Scheme

The Subclass 186 is a permanent visa for applicants in certain occupations that are nominated by their employers.

Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)

The 186 visa is a permanent residency visa suitable for overseas skilled workers who either currently live outside Australia or who currently live and work in Australia as temporary residents.This visa is part of Australia’s permanent Employer Sponsored visa program.

What are the requirements for the 186 visa (ENS visa)?

The Employer Nomination Scheme visa application process is made up of two important stages:

1.Nomination by the employer

To nominate a position under the Employer Nomination Scheme the employer must:
  • Be actively and lawfully operating in Australia
  • Have a genuine need for a paid employee to fill a position in business
  • Have a satisfactory record of compliance with immigration law and workplace relations law
  • Pay the training levy. A business with a turnover less than $10 million will pay $3,000 per nomination. A large business with a turnover more than $10 million will pay $5,000 per nominee into the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF).
The position in the business must:
  • Be full-time and available for at least 3 years;
  • the base salary offered is not less than the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) which is currently A$53,900 per annum
  • the nominee must be paid market rate for the role
  • the terms of employment are no less favourable than those that would apply to an equivalent Australian worker

2. Visa application

To apply for a permanent visa under the Employer Nomination Scheme, the applicant must:
  • be nominated by an Australian employer
  • have an employer must be willing to offer you a permanent position in that occupation
  • must qualify under the Temporary Residence Transition, Direct Entry or Agreements Stream
  • must be under 45 years of age (unless age exemptions or transitional arrangements apply)
  • must have the required skills and qualifications for the position and meet registration and licensing requirements
  • must meet the necessary English language requirements
  • must meet health and character requirements

There are two streams under which you can meet the skill requirement for the 186 visa (ENS visa):

  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream
    • If you had applied of held a 457 visa before 18 April 2017 – You can apply for this visa if you have worked full-time in the occupation for which you have been nominated in Australia for the last two years, including at least the last one year working for the employer who is nominating you.
    • If your 457/482 visa was granted after 18 April 2017, you must have an occupation on the relevant Skilled Occupations List you can then apply for the 186 visa once you have worked for your sponsor for three years while holding the visa and meeting other requirements.
  • Direct Entry Scheme
    • Have your skills assessed as suitable by the relevant skills assessing authority and have at least 3 years of experience in the occupation.

There are some exemptions to the age, skill and language requirements.

What are the benefits of the 186 visa (ENS visa)?

This visa allows you and your accompanying family members to:
  • live and work permanently in Australia
  • study in Australia
  • enrol in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses
  • access certain social security payments
  • apply for Australian citizenship (subject to residency criteria)
  • sponsor relatives for permanent residence.

What are the costs associated with applying for the 186 visa (ENS visa)?

Our fixed fee, service packages are designed to give clients choice in terms of fees and the level of service. However, they do not cover the visa application fees and other costs involved in submitting a visa application. Fees can increase without notice, so the actual fees can vary at the time of application.  We have outlined the applicable fees that are likely to be incurred for the 186 visa (ENS visa) in Australian Dollars.

Better Life Migration fees for the 186 visa (ENS Visa) (Visa Premium Service) – $3,999 + GST (if applicable)

Department of Home Affairs 186 visa (ENS visa) application fees are:

  • 186 visa (ENS visa) nomination application fee – $540 (this fee is not payable if the applicants is applying for the ENS under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream and the sponsor is in Regional Australia).
  • 186 visa (ENS visa) Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy – $3,000 per nomination (for small businesses) or $5,000 per year (for large businesses)
  • 186 visa (ENS visa) (Short-Term Stream) visa application fee – Primary applicant – $3,775, Adult dependent – $1,875, Child Dependent – $940
  • Credit card surcharge (if applicable)

Other fees that may be applicable:

  • Skills Assessment Application fees between $300 to $1,200 for most occupations (a skills assessment is required for applicants applying for the ENS under the Direct Entry Stream)
  • IELTS or PTE Academic – IELTS $340 + $34 (GST if applicable), PTE $340 (as applicable)
  • Medical Examination fees (as applicable)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (as applicable)
  • Translations/Certifications (as applicable)

How long does the 186 visa (ENS visa) process take?

Once the 186 visa application is lodged it takes between 11-16 months for the Department of Home Affairs to process the application. For current visa processing times please refer to the information on the Department of Home Affairs website for https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/global-visa-processing-times#

How we can help you?

We have successfully helped small, medium and very large organisations (including Fortune 500, ASX listed companies) with the 186 visa (ENS visa) application process. We can help you with the entire process till the 186 visa application is granted. Click on the ‘Purchase Service’ link to purchase our services.

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