Australian Migration Program 2020-2021 Planning and Delivery

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Australian Migration Program  2020 -2021 Planning and Delivery

While Australia’s migrant population is continuing to make significant contributions to Australia’s development the government is closely monitoring the  Australia migration program 2020-2021 planning and delivery. This ensures that it is consistent with public health measures, is flexible, and does not displace job opportunities for Australians so that Australia can be on the fast path to economic recovery post-COVID.

Impact COVID-19 on the DHA operations  

COVID-19 has had substantially affected the Department of Home Affairs’ operations.

  • The Department’s visa processing services has increased due to health restrictions implemented in Australia and many other countries
  • Arrivals of temporary and permanent migrants to Australia. has been limited due to the travel ban in place

Impact of COVID-19  on the delivery of the migration program

Going forth Australia’s migration program would be realigned to changing circumstances, such as COVID-19 and it’s economic, social, and medical impacts. The program would be designed in a manner that would provide employment opportunities for Australians, support critical industries, and position Australia’s economic recovery.

COVID-19 and its impact on the net overseas migration

Border closures have reduced net overseas migration. The net overseas migration (NOM) for the 2018-19 year was 30% more than the expected NOM  in 2019-20. The NOM is expected to dip further in 2020-21. However, the Migration Program can be tweaked to respond to changing circumstances.

Steps to ensure that the visa system supports COVID-19 response and economic recovery

The steps taken to ensure that the visa system supports the post-COVID -19 recovery

    • A carefully calibrated migration program to assist in job creation and attracting investment would help Australia rebound from COVID-19.
    • Visa and financial support options to help temporary visa holders and certain sectors like agriculture.
  • Close monitoring of migration and visa settings to ensure they continue to be in line with public health measures and critical industries.
  • Targeted migration of skilled workers who would create jobs that will in turn help in Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

Government announcement on  the size and the composition for the 2020-21 Migration Program

The migration will play an important role in Australia’s economic recovery post COVID19. The Australian Government will consider how best to shape the Migration Program to drive economic growth and support job creation during this post-recovery phase. The economic conditions in Australia, future skill needs, changes in the labor market, and the population objectives of states and territories will be taken into consideration. The existing 2019-20 Migration Program settings will continue to remain in place until advised. The 2020-21 planning ceiling will be retained at 160,000 places, the level set for 2019-20 Migration Program including 108,682 places for the Skilled stream, 47,732 places for the Family stream, 236 places for the Special Eligibility stream and 3,350 places for Child visas.

States and Territories nominations grant  in the 2020-21 Migration Program 

The State and Territory nominated visa programs will play an important part in Australia’s economic recovery and continue to be a part of the Migration Program.  State and territory nominations will be made available in line with the drivers of economic growth and job creation, in the following categories:

    • Skilled Visas (Subclass 190)
    • Skilled Work Regional Visa (Subclass 491)
    • Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 494)
    • Business Innovation and Investment Program.

Continuity of the  monthly invitation rounds for Skilled Independent (subclass 189) and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (Family Sponsored) (subclass 491)

Targeted invitation rounds have continued each month and will prioritize skills that are in critical need and that will aid Australia’s economic recovery.

Changes to be made to the Migration Program in 2020-21

Until otherwise advised, the existing 2019-20 Migration Program settings, including the program size and the composition will remain in place.

Government decision to retain the 2019-20 Migration Program settings

The Migration Program is generally announced each year as part of the Federal Budget in May. Due to the Government’s focus on responding to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, 2020-21 the budget was deferred for consideration until October 2020

Stakeholders to be consulted ahead of any potential changes to the 2020-21 Migration Program

The Department will be consulting with State and Territory governments regarding their nomination allocations for the 2020-21 Migration Program. Relevant stakeholders will be advised if any further decisions are made regarding program settings for the 2020-21 Migration Program.

Source DHA

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